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Tee Higgins beating Jalen Ramsey for a 75-yard touchdown on the first play of the second half in Super Bowl LVI grabbed all the highlights. Jalen Ramsey, who fell on the play that led to the Higgins touchdown, had a case there was some foul play involved.

Higgins ended up grabbing Ramsey's facemask, which caused the star cornerback to fall to the ground -- and left Higgins wide open for the score. 

Ramsey was essentially pulled down by Higgins before he adjusted his route and made the catch to give the Bengals a 17-13 lead. The Rams cornerback had already given up a 44-yard reception to Chase earlier in the game, but this long reception was aided by contact. 

The 75-yard pass was the longest reception Ramsey his allowed in his career. Ramsey will certainly have something to say about the non-call after the game, whether the Rams win or lose.