Super Bowl gambler turns $2 into more than $1,000 with this gutsy two-pick parlay

Gambling on props is easily one of the most exciting parts of the Super Bowl, and it becomes a lot more exciting when you bet on a winner that pays out more than 500 times your original wager, which is exactly what happened to one guy this week. 

A Bovada customer, identified only as Nate, decided to get a little crazy with his prop bets during the Super Bowl by putting together a parlay that had nearly a zero percent chance of hitting, and that's not really an exaggeration. The parlay, which consisted of just two bets, had just a 0.18 percent chance of winning. 

The first part of the bet revolved around Tom Brady. Our friend Nate bet that the Patriots quarterback would throw an interception on his first pass of the game, and as you may recall, that's exactly what happened during New England's 13-3 win. 

The second part of the bet revolved around points scored in the first half. Nate bet that the total number of touchdowns scored in the first half would be zero, which somehow happened. 

The odds of Brady throwing an interception with his first pass were set at 26-to-1 (+2599), while the odds of both teams going without a touchdown in the first half were set at 20-to-1 (+2000). Oh, and when you combine those two bets together for a parlay, the odds shoot up, so our lucky bettor got 565-to-1 odds (+56,579) against both of those things happening. 

That being said, our lucky bettor isn't set for life after his miracle win and that's because he only put down $2 on his parlay. Although it was a small wager, it was still enough to win $1,131.58 after both props hit.  

If someone would have wagered just $20 on this same parlay, they would have won more than $11,000. 

Although this bet was impressive, the award for best bet at the Super Bowl still goes to the guy who won $100,000 after betting $250 that the Rams would score exactly three points in the Super Bowl. 

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