Earlier this week, Patriots Tom Brady mentioned that his mother, Galynn, hasn't been to a single game this entire season. According to CSN New England's Tom Curran, Galynn has been dealing with an illness for the past 18 months, which has been "a major source of concern for the family."

But Galynn will be there for Sunday's Super Bowl, when the Patriots battle the Falcons in Houston and Brady goes for his fifth Super Bowl ring.

On Saturday, Brady posted this photo to his Instagram:

Sandwich kiss for Mom at Picture Day!!! Go Pats!!!!

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"It's been a challenging year for my family, just for some personal reasons," Brady said earlier this week. "It'll just be nice having everyone here watching us this weekend. That's my mom and dad. They've been so supportive my entire life, it's nice to be able to show them ... to try to make them proud ... My mom hasn't been to a game this season. My dad has been to [only] one. It's very atypical."

If the Patriots win Sunday, Brady will set a record for the most Super Bowl wins by a quarterback in NFL history. He could also win a record fourth Super Bowl MVP.

So, it certainly has the potential be a sweet day for the Brady family.