There's no doubt that the Kansas City Chiefs were the biggest winners on Super Bowl Sunday, but if you're wondering who the second-biggest winner was, that answer would probably be Eamonn Dixon, the lucky fan who caught the game-winning field goal that gave the Chiefs a 38-35 win over Philadelphia in Super Bowl LVII. 

Harrison Butker gave Kansas City the win when he drilled a 27-yard field goal with just eight seconds left to play.

What you may not have noticed if you were watching at home is that Butker hit the field goal so well that he actually blasted the football OVER the kicking net, which sent it into the crowd and that's how Dixon came up with it. 

After catching the ball, the native Australian did what anyone would do and he immediately took a selfie with it. 

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It's crazy enough to catch the game-winning field goal at the Super Bowl, but that's only one of several unbelievable parts to the story and we're going to go through them all here. 

Dixon wasn't even supposed to be attending the game.  In an interview with 3AW in Australia, Dixon, who works for an advertising agency, said he was literally offered a ticket on the morning of the game. "I didn't have a ticket to the game, but one of my incredible Doritos clients called me up in the morning and said that a spare ticket had become available."

The specific advertising agency Dixon works for is Goodby Silverstein and Partners and by working for them, he actually had ties to part of the game: He worked on the Doritos commercial that aired during Super Bowl LVII, "I work in advertising, I'm a credit director in advertising, so I actually worked on the Doritos Super Bowl spot that actually played in the stadium and played during the game," Dixon said, via in Australia

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Dixon didn't arrive at the game until the NATIONAL ANTHEM. Dixon, who lives in San Francisco, said he got a call that a Super Bowl ticket had become available around 7 a.m. PT and that's when chaos ensued, "I got a flight at 12 p.m. and got to the game just as the national anthem was being sung," Dixon said, via Fox Sports Australia

Before getting the call about the ticket, Dixon was expecting it to be a normal Sunday, "I was just sitting on the couch, chatting to my wife about what we were going to cook the kids for dinner and then I got the call and raced off to the airport," Dixon said. 

After booking his flight, he called an Uber and raced to the airport. 

Dixon took video of himself catching the ball. Not only did he end up with the football, but he filmed the entire sequence of events that led to him getting it. In the video below, you can see the field goal traveling directly toward Dixon, who managed to catch the football WHILE STILL HOLDING HIS CELL PHONE. Once he had the ball, he handed his phone off to his friend, who kept filming. 

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"I didn't drop the phone and luckily I wasn't holding a beer as well, that would have been a bit awkward," Dixon said, via the Sydney Morning Herald

He quickly left the game at the suggestion of a security guard. As you can imagine Dixon was quite the popular person after catching the ball. "I caught it and then there was a bit of mayhem," he said. "Everyone was asking for photos with me and giving me high-fives." 

A security guard at the stadium, who was very well aware of the value of Dixon's new football, quickly offered the Australian some advice, "The security guard tapped me on the shoulder, and he said, 'I think you should get out of here pretty quickly with that thing before some other people try to grab it,'" Dixon said. 

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Before leaving the stadium Dixon had to fend off a few onlookers. 

"Everyone was trying to get it off me, but I shoved it in my friend's bag and we got ushered toward the exit and, all of a sudden, I was out in the carpark," Dixon said, via 7news. "It was just all a bit of a blur."

If you're wondering whether Dixon will be selling the ball, he didn't rule that out during an interview with 9 News in Melbourne, Australia. Right now, his main goal is to make sure his two kids -- ages 4 and 6 -- don't take the ball out in the yard and play with it. 

"I got to keep it out of their hands," Dixon said. "And then I guess I'll start to figure out what I'm going to do with it after that, but for now, I'm just trying to enjoy the moment."

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If Dixon does sell the ball, it wouldn't be surprising if Butker or the Chiefs make him some sort of offer. It's almost certainly a ball that Butker would like to hold on to if he can get it. On the other hand, if Dixon's just looking to cash in, he'll definitely be able to make a good amount of money at auction. 

Ken Goldin, who founded Goldin Auctions and is one of the foremost experts on sports memorabilia, estimates that the ball could be worth up to $350,000. Authentication can always be an issue for a ball like this -- that's why MLB will authenticate baseballs before a game involving a possible milestone -- but Dixon has a video of the entire incident, so that should help his value if he decides to sell. 

Whether he keeps the football or sells the football, Dixon will forever have the Super Bowl memory of a lifetime. 

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