Super Bowl problem: City of Seattle is running out of Skittles

Marshawn Lynch has turned Skittles into a hot commodity. (USATSI)
Marshawn Lynch has turned Skittles into a hot commodity. (USATSI)

Apparently the entire city of Seattle likes Skittles as much as Marshawn Lynch does. Beast Mode's favorite candy is nowhere to be found anywhere in Seattle. That's right, there's a shortage. If you're hoarding packs of Skittles, you're the guy who bought Apple stock in 1979. 

Just to show you how serious the Skittles shortage is, here's a few tweets from several people who wanted to Taste the Rainbow on Sunday, but now they'll be tasting nothing because Seattle has no more Skittles. 

Did you see that picture? Lots of Starbursts, lots of Twizzlers. No Skittles. Now look at the poor soul below, if she wants to celebrate a Beast Mode touchdown, she'll have to do it with Smarties. Yuck. 

Then there's this QFC store in Seattle a store that learned a valuable lesson this week: ORDER MORE SKITTLES. 

Finally, we have Bartrell Drugs. They ADVERTISED a skittles special and still ran out. 

The Skittle black market will likely be thriving by the time Super Bowl XLVIII kicks off at 6:30 p.m. ET. Plan accordingly Seahawks fans. 

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