Super Bowl prop bets with the stars

NEW ORLEANS --- Still can’t decide what prop bets to place for Super Bowl Sunday? First, stop taking advice from your friends. Especially the one living in his uncle’s basement because he made a bad bet last season for the St. Louis Rams to make it to the Super Bowl.

Since there are so many hot Super Bowl parties, I figured who better to ask for prop bet help than celebrities. We look to them for everything else: how to dress, act and how to live beyond our means -- you know, the normal stuff.

On the eve of Super Bowl XLVII, I braved the Bourbon Street crowds to trek down red carpets at the Rolling Stone, Maxim, Playboy, GQ, DirectTV and ESPN parties to get celebrity prop bet predictions. Interestingly, Miss USA and country singer Jessie James have the best predictions. It might have something to do with the Beyoncé-heavy field or the fact that Miss USA and James are the best-looking on the list.

According to this star-studded group, the two sure-fire bets are that Alicia Keys will not add a word to the national anthem and that Ray Lewis will mention God more than three times.

This is a pretty smart group.

Either way, here are their picks. Thank me later and send me 10 percent of your winnings.

Shout out to Will Brinson for the bets and line analysis.

Bet: How long will Alicia Keys take to sing the national anthem? 

Line: Over/under 2 minutes, 15 seconds

- John Legend, singer/songwriter: Over. She’s going to hit some big notes.

- Miss USA, Nana Meriwether: Over.

- Jessie James, country pop singer and fiancée of Broncos WR Eric Decker: Exactly 2:15.

- New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu: Way over.

- Terry Crews, Old Spice guy, actor, former NFLer: Over. It’s a diva showdown between her and Beyoncé. Alicia has to do a refrain and go long. Stevie Wonder might jump out of nowhere and join her on stage. They are always doing tandems. You know how they do.

- Hayden Panettiere, co-star of primetime drama Nashville: Over.

- Lolo Jones, two-time Olympian: Over.

- Sway, MTV News executive producer and reporter: Over, She’s going to do a marathon run of notes. I’m sure.

Bet: Will Alicia Keys add at least one word to the national anthem? 

Line: Yes +200, No -300

- Miss USA: No.

- James: No.

- New Orleans Mayor: No.

- Crews: No.

- Panettiere: No.

- Jones: No.

- Sway: No. Because of this betting stuff I’m sure she’s going to memorize every word. She’s a professional.

Bet: Will Beyoncé be joined by Jay-Z on stage at halftime of the Super Bowl? 
Line: Yes +110, No -150

- Miss USA: Yes.

- James: No.

- New Orleans Mayor: Yes.

- Crews: Why not? I can’t see him passing up a time like this. Make it a family affair and Bring Blue ivy on too.

- Panettiere: No.

- Jones: Yes.

- Sway: No. I think he’s going to give Beyoncé her light. This is her time to come back on the scene.

Bet: Will Beyoncé’s hair be curly/crimped or straight at the beginning of the Super Bowl halftime show?

- Miss USA: Straight.

- James: Curly. She’s going to make it look wild and sexy.

- New Orleans Mayor: Straight.

- Crews: Big and curly.

- Panettiere: Straight.

- Jones: Curly. She’s going to go big.

- Sway: Straight.

Bet: What predominant color will Beyoncé’s top be at the beginning of the Super Bowl halftime show?

Line: Black (9-4), Gold/Yellow (11-4), Silver/Gray (7-2), White (5-1), Red (13-2), Pink (15-2) Orange (12-1), Blue (15-1), Green (15-1)

- Miss USARavens.

- New Orleans Mayor: White.

- Crews: Silver.

- Panettiere: Black. With some sparkles and she add other things to jazz it up.

- Jones: Can’t do any of the teams. She has to keep it neutral and white doesn’t look good on television. So I say green.

- SwaySan Francisco 49ers are my team.

Bet: What color will the Gatorade (or liquid) be that is dumped on the winning coach?

Line: Clear/Water (7-4), Orange (5-2), Yellow (5-2), Green (13-2), Red (13-2), Blue (13-2)

- Miss USA
: I played volleyball for UCLA, and at practice our favorite flavor was orange. I’m going with orange.

- New Orleans Mayor: Orange.

- Crews: Red, because they want to make a stain. The orange kind of Gatorade washes out. Orange is a popular flavor. But red is a popular pouring-on-the-coach flavor. I think it has something to do with blood. Like you’re giving your blood, sweat and tears.

- Panettiere: Red.

- Jones: Yellow.

- Sway: Red. Because the San Francisco 49ers are going to win.

Bet: If Ray Lewis is interviewed after the game on the field or in the locker room how many times will he mention "God/Lord"?

Line: Over/under 3

- Miss USA: Over.

- James: I think he will just get on the ground and pray. Over.

- Crews: He’s on a tear right now. He got the Holy Ghost. Over.

- Panettiere: Over.

- Jones: Over.

- Sway: Over.

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