Super Bowl XLVIII By The Numbers: Historic ineptitude on display

Seattle put up some outstanding numbers Sunday. (USATSI)
Seattle put up some outstanding numbers Sunday. (USATSI)

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EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ -- The game wasn't all that interesting, not with the Seahawks jumping out to a big lead and with the Broncos unable to do anything about it, but Super Bowl XLVIII certainly produced some interesting statistics.

Like, how Peyton Manning set a Super Bowl record for the most completions and Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas set a Super Bowl record for the most catches. So, it wasn't all bad for Denver, am I right?

Ahem. Anyway, here were the most fascinating numbers for the final game of the 2013 season.

0: The number of times in NFL history before Sunday that an NFL game ended with a 43-8 score.

0: The number of interceptions thrown by Russell Wilson this postseason.

0.125: The percentage of successful replay challenges by Broncos coach John Fox this season. Fox challenged the call of a forward pass by Wilson in the first half, but referee Terry McAuley confirmed the original ruling on the field. On the season, Fox was 1 for 8.

2:02: The length of time of Renee Fleming's beautiful national anthem if you hit the stopwatch when she opened her mouth to sing.

2:12: The length of time of Renee Fleming's gorgeous national anthem if you hit the stopwatch when her accompanying band began to play.

3: The number of consecutive seasons that a safety has been scored in a Super Bowl, via Michael David Smith.

3: The number of times since the 1975 season, including Sunday, that a Super Bowl team has not scored at least 10 points in the game.

5: The number of points the Seahawks had accumulated early in the first quarter. No other Super Bowl team in history has ever had five points on the scoreboard.

5: The number of losses for the Broncos in Super Bowl games. That's the most of any team in the league.

11:41: The amount of time in the first quarter that the Seahawks held the ball. Overall, Seattle ran 22 plays in the first 15 minutes. Denver ran six.

12: The number of seconds it took for the Seahawks to score, the fastest score in Super Bowl history. The previous fastest was 14 seconds when Devin Hester scored on the opening kickoff return in Super XLI.

13: The number of receptions for Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas, the most of anybody in Super Bowl history.

13: The number of years it has been since a Super Bowl participant was shut out in the first half. That would be the Giants falling behind 10-0 to the Ravens in Super Bowl XXXV.

19: The number of minutes into the game that it took for the Broncos to get their first first down.

24: The number of times a coin flip in the Super Bowl has landed on heads, and the number of times it has landed on tails, via RJ Bell.

34: The number of completions Sunday by Peyton Manning, the most ever by a Super Bowl quarterback.

36: The number of points scored by the Seahawks to start the game, the most consecutive points ever scored by one team to open a Super Bowl.

69: The length of Malcolm Smith's pick-six of Peyton Manning in the first half. It's the longest interception return for a touchdown since Tracy Porter returned one 74 yards in Super Bowl XLIV against a guy named Peyton Manning.

82,529: The number of fans who jammed themselves into MetLife Stadium to watch the game.

526,217: The base salary, in dollars, made by Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson for the entire 2013 season.

882,352: The salary, in dollars, made by Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning each week of the NFL season, via Bryan A. Graham.

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