Super Bowl XLVIII will have 60-foot ice slide down Broadway

There's going to be a giant ice slide in New York City for SB 48. (
A 60-foot giant ice slide? Check. (

We're less than eight months away from the Super Bowl coming to the New York City area and the potential for Snowmageddon to take over. And the NFL is apparently embracing the possibility of getting nasty weather in February in New York City by installing a 60-foot tall toboggan (or as we call it in the south, an "ice slide") that will run down Broadway and spill out into Times Square.

NFL vice president of events Mary Pat Augenthaler confirmed the news on NFL Network Wednesday morning, boasting of the league's newest attraction.

"We are building a 60-foot high, 108-foot long toboggan in the middle of Broadway," Augenthaler said on NFL AM. "Whether you live in New York City or live in New Jersey or the Tri-State Area or you're coming in to just be part of the Super Bowl, everyone can go down it. Think about going down from 60 feet into the air and heading into Times Square. So we hope everyone thinks it's as exciting as we do."

Hell yes we do, Mary Pat. No offense to Indianapolis, which had an awesome zipline that ran through the middle of downtown installed during Super Bowl week two years ago, but this is a giant ice slide. On Broadway. Into Times Square.

This is everything that is awesome about America, even up to and including the amount of people who can go down it per hour.

"Anywhere between 800 and 1,000 people can go down it per hour," Augenthaler said.

That means Times Square might be enjoyable for the first time in ever.

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