Manifest destiny has been fulfilled. Dallas Cowboys defensive end Vidauntae "Taco" Charlton has signed an endorsement agreement with Taco Bueno. (He also signed an agreement with Big Red soda, which makes a lot of sense with the tacos.)

This has apparently been in the cards ever since Charlton was drafted. As our pals over at SBNation noted, Taco Bueno's CEO, Mike Roper, issued a statement after the Cowboys selected Charlton. 

"We are opening our arms and doors to Taco Charlton as he becomes part of the fabric of our hometown. While we craft some of the biggest food in Texas, we don't claim to have any 277-lb tacos. Jerry Jones really outdid us on that one. On behalf of the entire Taco Bueno team and Buenoheads worldwide, welcome to Dallas, Taco Charlton."

Taco said after he was drafted that he couldn't wait to try out all the tacos down in Texas -- and not just because of the advertising potential. He also said that he didn't have a favorite just yet. "I just feel like if you've got a taco, you can't go wrong," he said. Well, he's definitely got a favorite now. 

You might be wondering how Charlton got nicknamed "Taco" anyway. Let his mother, Tamara, tell you the story: