Tacoma teen fired after wearing Broncos jersey to work

This teen got canned for wearing a Broncos jersey instead of a Seahawks jersey to work.
This teen got canned for wearing a Broncos jersey instead of a Seahawks jersey to work. (9 News)

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The only thing standing between Seattle and a Lombardi Trophy is a Seahawks victory over the Broncos. So Seattle doesn't like Denver much right now. Which means if you're a teenage Broncos fan living in Washington and you wear a Broncos shirt to work you'll probably be fired.

Wait. What? 9 News in Colorado reports (via Bleacher/Report) that 17-year-old Nathaniel Wentz got canned from his gig at the Odyssey 1 family entertainment center in Tacoma, Washington when he wore a Broncos jersey to work.

Wentz showed up in the Broncos jersey after his manager told employees they could wear jerseys to work on game day in order to show support. Apparently the boss meant only Seahawks jerseys, because Wentz was told to go home and change.

Nathaniel describes himself as "a die-hard" fan and has rooted for the Broncos since he was three years old. 

And while he was technically fired for never coming back to work after being asked to change jerseys, this is a pretty ridiculous move by his employer. The Broncos weren't even playing the Seahawks on Sunday when the kid was supposed to be working. It's not like he showed up in a 49ers jersey and a pair of $8 khakis.

There's probably no recourse here for Wentz. After all, he might have even quit his job rather than be fired when he decided not to show back up. And technically a place like Odyssey has the right to fire an employee for something like this, as absurd as that seems. 

But that doesn't make it any less ridiculous or lowbrow of his boss to make him go home and change. 

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