Taking a closer look at questionable tactics of Lions lineman Ndamukong Suh

By now, you probably know the NFL took a closer look at the groin kick that Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh used against Texans quarterback Matt Schaub during last Thursday's game. The league office didn't suspend the Lions star, though a fine remains possible.

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It was a questionable play, one that clearly looked like it was intentional on the part of Suh, who has been suspended before for foul play.

But there was another incident from the game that also angered the Texans.

In studying the tape, there was a play in the second quarter in which Suh used his "hog-tie" throw down -- that he used on Jay Cutler earlier this season -- on Schaub.

It wasn't a sack, but it came just after Schaub threw the football. Instead of just pulling him down, Suh threw his legs around Schuab and hog tied him to the ground. It was a dangerous play for sure for Schaub, who could easily have torn up a knee or broken a bone.

Texans left tackle Duane Brown, who saw the move, raced over and got in Suh's face. When Schaub got up, he pointed in Suh's face and clearly said something. It was another example of Suh's questionable tactics.

Here are three screen shots from the latter incident to show the play and the fallout.

Suh makes his move against Schaub. (Courtesy nfl.com)
Suh takes down the Houston QB. (Courtesy nfl.com)
Suh is called out by the Texans. (Courtesy nfl.com)
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