Tale of the Tape: Andrew Luck vs. Robert Griffin III, Week 15

Robert Griffin III didn’t have a chance to play Sunday (US Presswire)

The comparisons are inevitable. Andrew Luck, the No. 1 overall draft pick in 2012, and No. 2 pick Robert Griffin III will be scrutinized throughout the season, and probably throughout their careers, unless one of them does his best Ryan Leaf impersonation. And RG3 always will be looked at through a prism of Luck. That's why we're compiling the most important stats for every game they play this year, and some of the most unimportant aspects of those contests as well. This way, it'll be easier to tell who is his team's savior and who should be forced to join JaMarcus Russell in the corner away from the rest of civilization.

Week 15: With Luck’s Colts trying to prove they belong in the conversation as one of the AFC title contenders, Indianapolis failed in falling 29-17 to the Texans. Griffin’s Redskins had to rely on rookie backup quarterback Kirk Cousins to lead them to the 38-21 victory vs. the Browns.

Passing stats

Luck: 13-27, 186 yards, two touchdowns, zero interceptions

Rushing stats

Luck: Two carries, 10 yards

Longest play from scrimmage

Luck: This was a candidate for Luck’s best play of the day, but it was hard to give him full credit because T.Y. Hilton did such a nice job of getting wide open vs. the Texans secondary. Late in the first half with Indianapolis not doing much of anything on offense, Luck stepped up in the pocket and threw about a 40-yard pass to Hilton, who caught it and did the rest in the 61-yard score.

Best play

Luck: With the Colts losing 10-0 midway through the second quarter, Luck made a nice play to get his team on the scoreboard, taking the shotgun snap on third and goal and firing a pass to Reggie Wayne for the nine-yard touchdown. Unfortunately for Indianapolis, there were offsetting penalties on the play and the touchdown was erased. So yeah, it’s somewhat sad that this was the best play Luck made all day.

Worst play

Luck: The Colts were desperate for points. They were losing by nine, and only about six minutes remained in the game. But on first down still in his own territory, Luck was flushed from the pocket as a blitzing Bradie James avoided Colts running back Vick Ballard's attempt at pass protection. That led Luck right into the arms of J.J. Watt, who sacked Luck and hindered Indianapolis’ chances for a comeback victory. It was an inopportune time for the sack.

Best pregame line

Luck: I've been hesitant to write about Luck's relative struggles for these reasons, but Sunday's game against the Tennessee Titans was too much to ignore. Luck repeatedly missed receivers. His accuracy and timing were well off for most of the game. Watching Luck every week, it feels like his play might have peaked around Week 9 against the Miami Dolphins. It got me to wonder: Has all the hits Luck has taken this season finally caught up to him? Luck's offensive line has not played well all season, but it has been especially poor lately. They are injured and not that talented. It's hard to separate Luck's inconsistency of late with the guys in front of him. Other than Michael Vick and the Arizona. -- Gregg Rosenthal, NFL.com

Best postgame line

Luck: Even when quarterbacks escape the pocket, Watt has the closing speed to track them down. That happened to Luck on Sunday. He saw Watt coming before one of his sacks, but when Luck started running, the gap between them disappeared and Luck was hauled down. It's almost not fair that a defensive end as strong as Watt can be so fast. Luck hung in there Sunday, throwing two touchdown passes and drawing the Colts within six points late in the game. If not for Watt’s presence, Luck may have pulled off another comeback. But Watt and the Texans’ defense wouldn’t allow it. -- Clifton Brown, Sporting News

Team savior scale (1-5)

Luck: Luck was highly unimpressive Sunday, and with how good Russell Wilson was in leading the Seahawks to another huge victory, you have to wonder if Wilson can overtake Luck and Griffin for the favorite to win the offensive rookie of the year award. Luck gets a 1 (last week was a 3; overall this season, he’s a 67.1 percent team savior).

Griffin: Last week was a 4; overall this season, he's a 69.2 percent team savior.

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