Tarik Cohen's TD pass vs. Giants was designed for Trey Burton but tight end explains why he couldn't do it

The Philly Special will go down as one of the most memorable plays in NFL history, but it doesn't sound like the guy who threw it can forget about it soon enough. Now with the Chicago Bears, tight end Trey Burton was tapped to attempt another touchdown pass in the red zone against the Giants last Sunday, but Tarik Cohen ended up throwing it instead.

The play, deemed "Oompa Loompa," was drawn up for Burton, but according to The Chicago Tribune, he'd been losing sleep over it since it was introduced in October before a game against the Patriots.

"Honestly when they put it up on the board, I got crazy anxiety," Burton said of the play, via The Tribune. "I was kind of freaking out a little bit, just because a ton of unbelievable memories come back to mind from the Super Bowl. ... I remember not really saying much and going out in practice and trying to do it, and I just couldn't. Physically there was some type of block that wasn't letting me do it."

According to The Tribune, when Burton told head coach Matt Nagy he wouldn't be able to do it, the response was simply "no big deal." Instead, Burton flipped the ball to Cohen on a reverse before Cohen found Anthony Miller in the end zone for six to tie the game up as time expired (the Bears would go on to lose to the Giants in overtime).

It's not often you see such a positive play yield this kind of effect, but Burton likely didn't have a chance to think about it in the Super Bowl the same way he can think about every pass now.

The play isn't just like the Philly Special, mind you. What made that play so special was Nick Foles, of all people, catching a touchdown pass. However, even if this case of the yips keeps Burton from throwing a pass again, that isn't his job. On top of that, the Philly Special will always be there in the annals of Super Bowl history.

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