Tebow has backtracked; I have not

Now that Tim Tebow has reconsidered his decision to speak at awful Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress' church, people are asking me if I've reconsidered my decision to be done with Tim Tebow.


I can't get past the fact that Tebow did in fact want to speak at Jeffress' church, giving the considerable Tim Tebow seal of approval to that man. By saying yes to Robert Jeffress, Tebow was lowering the scales over his private persona and giving us a peek into his own beliefs. I'm making an assumption here, but it's a safe one, that Tebow has a very similar belief system as Jeffress.

And Jeffress' belief system is poisonous.

How can I make that assumption? Easily. First, Tebow accepted the invitation. Tebow and his people, a corporation unto itself, wouldn't accept an invitation lightly. Right? He gets asked by scores of churches to speak. He said yes to this one, he and his people, without knowing who Robert Jeffress was?

Before I decided to write that story on Monday, it took me exactly two minutes on Google to find out who Robert Jeffress was -- and I was merely curious. I wasn't agreeing to fly halfway across the country to speak at his church.

Furthermore, Tebow's father is a theological brother of Jeffress. Which means Tebow is, too, most likely.

As for the statement Tebow made Thursday on Twitter, about "new information" changing his mind about speaking at Jeffress' church, that "new information" wasn't a sudden realization of who Robert Jeffress is.

That "new information" was the public avalanche against Tebow's decision to speak there in the first place. Tebow and his people, insulated as they are from the real world, misjudged the public reaction to this whole story. That was the "new information."

Because, as I said, Tebow knew exactly who Robert Jeffress is when he accepted the invitation to speak at his church.

Which is why, as I've said, I'm not jumping back on the Tebow bandwagon.

Intolerant? Me? Hell, yes, I am. I'm intolerant of hate, and of hateful people.

Tim Tebow, apparently, is not.

So it's like I said a few days ago: Be gone, Tebow. I'm still done with you.

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