Ted Ginn will race anyone, anytime, anywhere for $10K; viral track star takes him up on offer

Ted Ginn has been many things in his NFL career: a first-round pick, a potential bust, a reclamation project, the No. 1 wide receiver on an NFC champion, a guy with questionable hands. But he's always been fast and there is not one person in the world who can doubt that. 

Ginn is confident in his speed, too, telling Bleacher Report's Adam Lefkoe on "The Lefkoe Show" that he would be willing to race anyone "pole to pole" for $10,000. 

"Where your check at?" Ginn said. "I'm always down to do it. I've been running from light pole to light pole my whole life."

The quote was picked up by Pro Football Talk and as a result tweeted by PFT and seen by some people on social media, one of whom was high school track legend and Georgia track and field commit Matthew Boling.

He is all about that action, boss. 

Boling went viral in high school when he ran a 10.13-second 100-yard dash. It was originally listed as a 9.98-second time (!) but it was ruled he was aided by wind. So he's very, very fast. 

Ginn? Also very fast. He ran a 4.37 40-yard dash at the NFL combine back in 2007 and says he's run as fast as a 4.22. 

It's a little difficult to comp 40 times to 100 times because there are different speed requirements for each one (the get out/off is so important for the 40, whereas maintaining top-end speed is more important for the 100). But as an example, Usain Bolt recently ran a 4.22 in the 40, which would tie the fastest ever official time at the combine, set by John Ross recently.

Many people point to AGE as an issue, with Boling being in his athletic prime (actually before it) and Ginn being the ripe old age of 34. But as recently as 2016, Ginn was clocked by Next Gen Stats as traveling almost 22 mph on the field, in pads, scoring a touchdown. And in 2015 he was clocked going over 22 mph, with it believed he might be the fastest player in the NFL back in his next-to-last season with the Carolina Panthers.

I would be hesitant to say that Ginn is the fastest player in the NFL right now. Tyreek Hill, assuming he is in the league this coming season, probably has him beat. I would take Marquise Goodwin, a younger Olympic level sprinter, in a race too.

But it also feels like the "light pole to light pole" angle here might feature a little less formality than a traditional track and field race. Watch Ginn talk to Lefkoe -- he is not lacking for confidence. There's legitimately just something about the way he explains how fast he is that makes you believe he can take down all comers, even as he moves into middle age for football players.

Plus, he has one big advantage over Boling: he doesn't have to explain the $10,000 income to the NCAA. 

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