Ted Wells report: Jonathan Martin contemplated suicide in 2013

Jonathan Martin claimed he contemplated suicide in 2013.
Jonathan Martin claimed he contemplated suicide in 2013.(USATSI)

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On Friday the NFL announced the release of Ted Wells report on the Dolphins harassment scandal. It stated outright that Richie Incognito harassed Jonathan Martin. But there are many different disturbing facts inside the interview, including that Martin twice contemplated suicide in 2013.

Wells writes that Martin was also harassed in middle school and high school and it resulted in a lack of self-esteem that resulted in depression as a teenager, which later manifested itself after Martin was harassed by his teammates.

"According to Martin, in middle school and high school he was the victim of bullying, which diminished his self-confidence and self-esteem and contributed to what he self-diagnosed as periodic bouts of depression during his teenage years," the report reads. "Martin claims that the depression he experienced in high school recurred as a result of mistreatment by his teammates on the Dolphins and that on two occasions in 2013 he even contemplated suicide."

The Wells report notes that they were somewhat skeptical of the issues and "struggled" with how to evaluate "Martin's claims of harassment" because of Martin's previous mental health issues.

Reading through the report, it's clear how disturbed Martin was though. At one point he claims to have texted his mother about "sobbing in a rented yacht bathroom" after failing to stand up to his teammates.

But they made it clear that ultimately it was obvious members of the Dolphins, including offensive linemen John Jerry and Mike Pouncey, engaged in harassing Martin. 

Certainly Martin's claim that he contemplated suicide had an impact on that decision. 

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