Ted Wells report: Jonathan Martin fined $10K for skipping Vegas trip

Jonathan Martin paid a $10K fine for skipping a Vegas trip.
Jonathan Martin paid a $10K fine for skipping a Vegas trip. (USATSI)

On Friday the Ted Wells report was released and it's being heavily scrutinized by the NFL, the NFLPA, the Dolphins and even the general public. There are any number of items inside the report that catch the eye, including the fact that Jonathan Martin paid a $10,000 fine for missing a lineman trip to Las Vegas.

The Dolphins linemen, according to the Wells report, kept a "fine book" for various, um, things.

"At the beginning of the 2013 season, the Dolphins offensive linemen began to impose fines on each other for a variety of trivial and often sophomoric offenses, such as farting, arriving late for meetings, failing to provide candy, having 'stinky dreads' or wearing 'ugly ass shoes,'" the report reads.

We knew about the reported fine for missing the Vegas trip prior to the release of the Wells report, although it had originally been reported that it was $15,000 and not $10,000. 

"After the fine system was established, Incognito and other linemen told Martin that he had been assessed a $10,000 fine for not attending a group trip to Las Vegas in January 2013," the report reads. "Martin repeatedly was told that he was required to pay this fine, and he eventually did, by check."

During other interviews, Incognito and other linemen said that Martin was never actually supposed to pay the fine and "they were obviously joking when they told Martin he had to pay this amount."

Martin did pay it, though, and it was the highest fine ever paid by the group. According to the report Martin paid the fine "because he did not believe his teammates were kidding with him and that he felt coerced into paying."

A different lineman, John Jerry, also skipped and was fined. When his teammates told him to pay that fine he told them "f--- no" and never paid.

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