Terrance Williams praises Le'Veon Bell's new rap album

Le'Veon Bell's new rap album has certainly spread across locker rooms throughout the NFL. 

Well, its at least made it ways into the Dallas Cowboys' locker room, anyway. 

On Thursday night, Cowboys receiver Terrance Williams made that much clear on Twitter, re-tweeting the release of Bell's new album then exchanging in some pleasantries with Pittsburgh's former All-Pro running back. 

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While Pittsburgh and Dallas are traditional rivals, Williams and Bell's Twitter conversation reflects a new culture that exists in today's NFL, a culture where players from opposing teams are perhaps more friendly than in previous decades. With social media bigger than ever (providing players from different teams more opportunities to interact), and with free agency making it harder for there to be true rivalries anymore, the bond that exists with players throughout the league is greater than ever, as NFL players continues to get to know each other beyond the football field. 

And, in a week from Sunday, Williams and the rest of his Cowboys teammates will be able to play Bell's rap songs in the Heinz Field visitor's locker room, as Dallas and Pittsburgh are set to square off in Week 10 in a matchup of two of the most storied teams in NFL history. 

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