Terrell Owens rips Cowboys coach Jason Garrett during wild Twitter tirade

If Terrell Owens ran the Cowboys' front office, it's safe to say that Jason Garrett definitely wouldn't be the head coach in Dallas right now.

In less than two weeks, Owens could be voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but before that happens, it sounds like there's a few things he wants to get off his chest, and most of it revolves around the fact that he doesn't think Garrett is a good coach. 

Owens started talking about Garrett on Friday after someone asked him where Andy Reid ranked on his list of coaches that he played for. Believe it or not, Reid actually ranks No. 1. 

After Owens answered that question, someone wanted to know what the former Cowboys receiver thought about Garrett as a coach. Although Garrett was never the Cowboys' head coach while T.O. was in Dallas, he was the offensive coordinator during two of Owens' seasons (2007-08). 

According to Owens, Garrett undermined both him and Wade Phillips so he could get the head coaching job in Dallas. 

Owens then went into detail on what allegedly makes Garrett a bad coach. According to Owens, Garrett doesn't know how to make adjustments. 

Owens then used Dak Prescott as an example of Garrett's inability to make adjustments. 

The way Owens sees it, Prescott was successful in 2016 because people were unfamiliar with him. In 2017, Owens says that Garrett tried to run the same exact offense even though teams had adjusted to Prescott by his second season in the league. 

Owens also said that it doesn't matter if Garrett doesn't call the plays during a game, because, in the end, whatever's being called is his responsibility. 

Of course, the only opinion that matters in Dallas is the one that belongs to Jerry Jones, and he has already assured everyone that Garrett will be returning in 2018. 

Anyway, if it makes Garrett feel any better, he's not the worst coach that Owens has ever played for. That honor belongs to former 49ers coach Steve Mariucci, according to the receiver. Here was Owens' answer when he was asked to give his thoughts on Mooch. 

Owens spent eight seasons (1996-2003) in San Francisco and Mariucci was the coach for six of those. Owens played 15 seasons in the NFL five different teams. As a Hall of Fame finalist this year, Owens will find out on Feb. 3 if he's been inducted into the Pro Football of Fame. 

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