Terrell Owens wants to play for the Patriots

T.O. might want to play for the Pats but we suspect the feeling isn't mutual. (USATSI)
The Patriots are in desperate need of experienced wide receivers, and Terrell Owens, who last played in a regular-season game in 2010, desperately wants back in the league. So it stands to reason that T.O. would make a case for the Patriots giving him another chance at NFL redemption.

“Obviously the situation with the Patriots, they are starting out with a lot of new guys,” Owens told the Boston Globe's Gary Washburn. “You never know how management is thinking, what their process is as far as bringing in veterans.

“I understand they may look at my age as an issue but I’m not your average 39-year-old. I think if you watch me work out, I’m not really concerned about injuries or anything like that. Plus, I’ll be getting paid the vet minimum, so it’s not like I am asking for any extra incentive in my contract."

Owens is right: Compared to other 39-year-olds, he's a freak of nature. But that still doesn't translate in a league where the average career is less than five years. In 2012, T.O. lasted just 20 days in Seahawks' training camp, a stint that included more preseason drops (3) than receptions (2). It was further proof that his best days are receding in the rearview.

Owens, meanwhile, thinks it has more to do with his off-field issues than his lack of on-field productivity.

“I think it’s the reputation of the things I’ve done in the past," he said. "People won’t let my mistakes die. It’s just puzzling for me. I’m just keeping my faith, staying patient, and praying I get another opportunity.”

The Patriots have been down this road before with Chad Ochocinco, who arrived in New England prior to the 2011 season. By the time it was over, he managed just 15 receptions for the year, was a non-factor in the Super Bowl loss, and was released that offseason. The Pats will no doubt stick with what they have and pray for the quick return of Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola.

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