Terrelle Pryor says he flinched in practice scuffle because he's a 'positive role model'

After getting punked at a joint practice between the Jets and Redskins earlier this week, Terrelle Pryor has issued an official statement regarding his embarrassing flinch induced by D.J. Swearinger. 

It's probably not what you'd expect. (Unless you read the headline above, then it's exactly what you'd expect.)

In case you need a refresher, here's what happened on Tuesday:

Pryor posted a written statement to his Twitter on Thursday that is somewhat of a head-scratcher. It seems to suggest that Pryor, who is in his first training camp with the Jets, flinched at Swearinger's fake because he was being "a positive role model for the kids."

"My goal is to compete, sharpen my football skills and make it clear to my new teammates that they can depend on me," Pryor wrote. "It's crucial for me to be a positive role model for the kids who came to training camp to watch us. My behavior here and during the season is bigger than proving some sort of point during practices. I will continue to work hard and lead by example by not making it about me and keeping the focus on the Jets organization."

Uh, okay?

It's probably fair to assume that this is Pryor's answer to why he didn't try to start a fight after Swearinger stole his lunch money, but I'm not exactly sure why Pryor felt compelled to even release a public statement on the ordeal. It seems rather unnecessary, and also rather soft. 

It's OK to just swallow your pride and take the L on this one; sure, it's embarrassing, but it's also hard for any of us keyboard warriors at home to say that we wouldn't have done the exact same thing in Pryor's situation. Hell, I've flinched at far more embarrassing things -- including my own reflection. 

But to pull the whole "I'm the bigger man because I'm looking out for the kids" card ... well, that's kind of a strange play here.

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