After Greg Hardy made some bizarre comments this week about Tom Brady's wife and a separate comment about guns, one of the few people who defended Hardy was Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. 

Jones basically shrugged off Hardy's comments, despite the fact that Hardy had been suspended earlier this season due to a a firearms-related domestic violence incident that involved both guns and a woman.

Although plenty of people have bashed Hardy this week for the comments, not many have come out and bashed Jones.

However, that changed on Sunday when Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw used his platform as an Fox NFL pregame analyst to lash out at Jones for "enabling" Hardy. 

Bradshaw didn't just bash Jones either, he also said that Hardy shouldn't be allowed in the NFL.

"Anybody, in my opinion, that lays a hand on a woman -- I don't care who you are my friend -- you never come back in this league, but Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in his desperation to get a pass rusher said 'Well you know what America, Cowboys fans, he's alright. He's a good boy. We're going to get him all straightened out over here and bring him in there.' Which he did," Bradshaw said. "[Hardy] has his first news conference, he makes a fool of himself. And then Jerry comes out and basically becomes an enabler for this." 

The former Steelers quarterback also added that he'd like to see people like Hardy banned from the NFL for good. 

"I'm actually tired of talking about the Hardy's of the world," Bradshaw said. "And I really, really, seriously hope that eventually we never have a place in the NFL for people that touch a woman, strike a woman."

Bradshaw's speech comes on the same day that Hardy will be making his 2015 regular season debut. After sitting out the Cowboys' first four games, Hardy will see his first action on Sunday against the Patriots. 

Terry Bradshaw is not happy with Jerry Jones. (Fox)
Terry Bradshaw is not happy with Jerry Jones. (Fox)