Terry Bradshaw on NFL in London: 'Nobody cares about that game'

Count Terry Bradshaw out as a supporter of the NFL's desire to expand internationally. (USATSI)
On Sunday, the Steelers and Vikings will face off at Wembley Stadium in London. It's all part of the NFL's plan for world domination, although they like to refer to it as international expansion. Whatever you call it, an NFL team permanently based in England is coming.

According to a recent report in the Daily Telegraph, an expansion team could call London home by the end of the decade. This timeline echoes what CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora wrote in June: That we'll see American football being played on Sundays in Wembley Stadium within the next 10 years.

So we can all agree that at some point in the not-too-distant future and NFL team will be based in London. But that doesn't mean we all have to embrace change for change's sake. Take Terry Bradshaw, for example. The Fox Sports analyst and Hall of Fame quarterback hates the idea that teams now are forced to play in England.

"I think it's the most disrespectful thing you can do to these teams, to make them travel over to London to promote our NFL product," Bradshaw said during an appearance on WFAN. "You're not ever going to have a team (relocate) over there. If you're going to do anything, go to Canada every year -- could be somebody (moves) up there eventually. But I don’t get it.

"Nobody cares anything about that game," he continued. "The players don’t want to go. You can’t enjoy it. Now preseason, OK, have some fun. It's regular season, so yeah, I don't get it -- never will."

Actually, Bradshaw does get it (even if he's wrong about a team eventually relocating there). He said so himself.

"It’s all about money, buddy," he admitted. "It's all about money."

Yeah, it is. That's how billion-dollar corporations work, and it's why Goodell is trying to sell the game internationally.

"Well, why don't you go where there's more people?" Bradshaw asked. "Let’s go to China. Let's go to Tokyo. Let's go someplace else, man. Let's go to Australia. … If we're going to promote it worldwide, we need to get as many folks as we can. China's got billions of people."

You're getting ahead of yourself, Terry. We're guessing that's on the NFL's to-do list, too.

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