Terry Bradshaw says he will never talk about Chuck Noll again

Terry Bradshaw made a definitive statement about one of the most complicated coach -- quarterback relationships in NFL history. 

Bradshaw said that, during the NFL Network's "Chuck Noll: A Football Life" documentary -- which will air Friday night at 9:00 p.m. EST -- that he will never again speak publicly about his relationship with Chuck Noll, his coach during his 14 years as the Steelers' quarterback. 

"I will not talk about him after this interview, OK?" Bradshaw said. "Did I respect him? Of course I did. Like him? No, I didn't like him."

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Bradshaw's statement symbolizes a complicated relationship that existed between the Hall of Fame coach and quarterback, who together became the only QB-coach duo in NFL history to win back-to-back Super Bowls twice. Noll was tough on Bradshaw, the No.1 pick in the 1970 NFL Draft, as his young, raw quarterback who threw six touchdowns to 24 interceptions during his rookie season. Under Noll and the city of Pittsburgh's microscope, Bradshaw had a roller coaster start to his NFL career, and was even benched during the Steelers' first championship season in 1974 before quarterbacking the Steelers to a victory in Super Bowl IX. 

But under Noll's guidance, Bradshaw grew into one of the greatest quarterbacks -- and winners -- in NFL history, winning two Super Bowl MVP awards along with winning the 1978 NFL MVP. And despite the pain that he endured during his playing days, Bradshaw, who was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1989, had publicly made peace with Noll before the Hall of Fame coach's death in 2014, as Bradshaw praised his coach when the two attended a Pittsburgh awards ceremony in 2003. 

"If I could reach down in my heart, I would say I'm sorry for every unkind word and thought I ever had," Bradshaw said that night. "I mean that. I'm ashamed about that. It was ... my wrong, my childness, my selfishness. Having said that, it kind of cleanses me. I miss my coach. I love my coach. I miss Chuck Noll."

And despite making peace with his old coach, Bradshaw is apparently done of taking about his relationship with Chuck Noll, as the Blonde Bomber has chosen Friday's documentary on Noll as his final time speaking about the man known in Pittsburgh as "The Emperor". 

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