Texans' Bill O'Brien on tension with Brock Osweiler: 'Biggest non-story'

The Texans' Sunday began with a story about tension between coach Bill O'Brien and quarterback Brock Osweiler. It ended with Osweiler shockingly leading the Texans to a come-from-behind win over the Colts.

So, Monday ended up being a great opportunity for O'Brien to refute that story. According to ESPN's Sarah Barshop, O'Brien called it the "biggest non-story of the year," even though he acknowledged that "things are going to happen."

"Anybody that's been around me knows that I really only know one way to go about it," O'Brien said. "That's to work very hard and to do it in a very intense environment. I think that's the type of players we have. So when you're coaching football and playing football, and you're in a competitive environment where everyone is pulling the same rope and everybody is trying to do their very best to win the game, things are going to happen."

Osweiler agreed with his coach.

"I would say the interactions that have occurred between Coach O'Brien and myself, or even Coach Godsey and myself for that matter, are nothing out of the norm," he said. "I think everybody wants to win. Everybody, like I said, is putting in a ton of hours and preparation to win each week, so like I said, there's nothing out of the norm.

"There's no story there. We are all just working extremely hard to get wins every single week. I love coming to work every single day. I love working with Coach O'Brien, Coach Godsey, and they are terrific football coaches."

That original story, written by CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora, included details about a "heated exchange" that took place after a meeting. Here's a sample:

According to the source, Osweiler objected to some play-calling decisions during a routine meeting reviewing the Week 5 loss -- O'Brien took over play-calling duties a few weeks into the season -- and he and the head coach subsequently had a loud charged interaction after that meeting that did not go unnoticed by others.

According to O'Brien, he enjoys coaching Osweiler.

"I think you really have to get to know the quarterback to understand what he likes, what he's comfortable with, and also for that quarterback to understand your style, how you do things," O'Brien said, per ESPN. "And sometimes that takes awhile.

"What we know about Brock is that he's a very hard-working guy. A very prepared guy. And we enjoy coaching him. He's learning, and we just were happy to see him be able to help us win that game [Sunday] night."

That win on Sunday night wasn't easy. For three quarters, Osweiler looked awful -- nothing like a quarterback who's earning close to $40 million guaranteed. But when the Texans faced a 14-point deficit in the final seven minutes, something clicked and Osweiler sparked a comeback that eventually ended with a Texans' overtime win.

The Texans still aren't necessarily a good football team, but they won an important game against a division rival. And because the AFC South is downright awful, the Texans still have a great shot to win the division, especially considering they're 4-2 even with Osweiler struggling so far.

That alone should keep the O'Brien-Osweiler relationship in the honeymoon phase for a little while longer.

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