Texans third-round draft draft pick D'Onta Foreman was arrested Sunday morning and faces charges of firearm and marijuana possession. Foreman, a Texas native, claimed in a statement issued by his attorney on Monday that the marijuana wasn't his and he was legally in possession of the firearm. He also said that he would submit himself to a drug test if necessary to prove that he hasn't been violating the NFL's substance abuse policy.

The full statement read:

"Prior to a search of his vehicle, D'Onta alerted the officer that he had a handgun inside of his vehicle. This legal handgun was recently purchased by D'Onta and registered in his name. The handgun was properly secured inside his vehicle as required by Texas law. A passenger in D'Onta's vehicle was in possession of marijuana. D'Onta did not use or possess the marijuana. Upon making his bond, he will submit to urinalysis and confirm he has not used marijuana. D'Onta appreciates the professionalism of the officers involved in his arrest and booking into the Travis County jail. We are confident this matter will be resolved justly once the state of Texas applies the applicable law to the facts."

Even if he doesn't get charged, Foreman may still face punishment from the NFL. The league office holds nearly unilateral power due its personal conduct policy, so whether or not Foreman sees the start of the season will depend on what new details emerge about the case.