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Normally, the majority of NFL players aren't able to watch games like fans. However, due to a COVID-19 outbreak making its way through the Baltimore Ravens' locker room, the team's matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers was rescheduled multiple times and was finally played on Wednesday afternoon.

That meant Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt got a chance to watch his two brothers, Derek and T.J. Watt, play for the Steelers. While watching the AFC North contest, the Texans star couldn't help but criticize the way the game was officiated.

He took to Twitter during the game to share that he believes NFL referees have missed quite a few holding calls this season.

J.J. Watt believes that the officiating was been "purely comical" this year. Obviously, Watt has probably experienced quite a bit of the lacking of offensive holding calls himself, as he's battled on the field all year.

But when it came to Wednesday's game, J.J. Watt clearly wanted his brother, T.J., to do well for the Steelers and it's likely that the he was the subject of many of J.J.'s thoughts throughout the game.

J.J. Watt obviously couldn't be too displeased by Wednesday's result as the Steelers took their record to 11-0 on the season in a 17-12 win over the Ravens. Unfortunately, all three Watt brothers won't be doing battle in the postseason since the Texans have just a 4-7 record on the year.