Texans rookie pulls a TO, celebrates on Cowboys midfield star

A.J. Bouye pulled a T.O. against the Cowboys by celebrating on the midfield star. (USATSI)
Texans undrafted rookie free agent A.J. Bouye probably won't have the NFL success that Terrell Owens did but both men share something in common: They have celebrated a big play against the Cowboys by running to midfield and disrespectin' the star.

The biggest difference -- other than Bouye, who plays cornerback, did it in an otherwise meaningless preseason game -- is that he didn't even score on the play.

Bouye intercepted a pass on the Texans' 49 and returned it 12 yards. Slightly different than what the former 49ers wideout did back in 2000 when he caught a touchdown pass from Jeff Garcia and then sprinted 50 yards to midfield to celebrate, much to the dismay of, well, everybody else in the stadium.

(It's a whole thing -- Emmitt Smith returned the favor later in the game, which prompted T.O. to do it again, only to get blasted by Cowboys safety George Teague. You can watch slapstick comedy at it's finest here.)

Bouye, meanwhile, was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct. And unlike T.O. 13 years ago, he knows he was wrong.

“I wasn’t thinking, I was being stupid,” Bouye said, according ESPNDallas.com. “It was disrespectful for me to do it, for the team and the other team. I wasn’t thinking. … They don’t teach us to do that. For me to even do that was disrespectful.”

Eh, we've seen worse.

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