That time Trevor Siemian got 'zinged' by Peyton Manning and he 'spit one back'

Trevor Siemian's unexpected rise from a seventh-round pick to the Broncos' starting quarterback has been nothing but shocking. For one, he's beaten first-round pick Paxton Lynch in two quarterback competitions. And two, he once trash talked Peyton Manning.

After the Broncos' season-opening win over the Chargers on Monday night, Sports Illustrated's Robert Klemko filed a story that detailed how Siemian is using the lessons he learned from Manning when the two shared the quarterback room in 2015 -- Siemian's first season and Manning's last. In that story, which you should go read, is an awesome nugget about how Siemian wasn't afraid to talk trash back to Manning.

"I knew Trevor had a little moxie in one of the first quarterback meetings in the room with him," Greg Knapp, Denver's quarterback coach from 2013–16, told SI. "I've been around a couple other guys in the room with Peyton who were college free agents or late draft picks, and guys get intimidated. Even for a coach it can be intimidating to be in a room with Peyton. He'll challenge you, and he's a bulldog about it.

"I won't say exactly what he said, but Peyton threw a zinger at Trevor, and it was incredible to hear how Trevor spit one back in Peyton's face. And I'm going, I love this. Mr. Manning, you've got a little bit of a challenge with this rookie. Trevor doesn't get intimidated easily."

Siemian remembers too.

"That's funny Knapp remembers that," he said. "We had a great room and a good back and forth. Maybe a little too much."

The funny thing is, Siemian probably would've been a better quarterback than Manning that season considering Manning posted a 67.9 passer rating and Siemian's career passer rating is 85.1. Still, though, Siemian needs to improve if the Broncos are going to make it back to the playoffs. In his career, which includes 16 games played and 15 starts, he's completed 59.5 percent of his passes, averaged 7.0 yards per attempt, and posted a 20:11 touchdown-to-interception ratio. 

He played well on Monday night, though, going 17 of 28 for 219 yards, three total touchdowns (one rushing), one pick, and a 94.2 passer rating. Performances like that, with the kind of defense the Broncos have, could get them into the postseason. More important to Siemian, it should ensure that he keeps his job over Lynch. Considering Lynch is a first-round pick, the Broncos probably won't hesitate to throw him in there if Siemian struggles. They didn't invest a first-round pick in him so that he can sit on the sidelines.

Siemian can use the lessons he learned from Manning, but unlike Manning, Siemian doesn't have the kind of job security that Manning had throughout his Hall of Fame-caliber career.

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