The Browns are so bad, they're not favored to win any games this season

If you plan on making a trip out to Las Vegas at any point during the 2016 NFL season, here's some early gambling advice for you: Don't bet on the Browns.

Now, that's solid gambling advice almost every season, but it's especially true this season.

As of right now, the Browns are set to be an underdog in every regular season game they play this year. We know that thanks to CG Technology, a Las Vegas sportsbook that just released its points spreads for the first 16 weeks of the NFL season.

The first week of the season might be the ugliest. The Browns are going up against a team with a new coach (Doug Pederson) and an unsettled quarterback situation, but they're still 7.5-point underdogs.

Overall, the Browns are at least touchdown underdogs in nine of their 15 games. The point spreads for Week 17 haven't been released yet, but you can bet the Browns will be an underdog in that game, because they're playing in Pittsburgh.

The biggest spread comes in Week 7, when the Browns are 11.5-point underdogs against the Bengals.

The closest the Browns come to being favored in a game? That will come in Week 16, when they're only a two-point underdog at home against the Chargers.

Of course, if you have faith in Robert Griffin as a quarterback and the Browns' ability to intelligently use their draft picks, then this would be the perfect time to bet on Cleveland. Being a nine-point underdog to the Bills seems like a lot right now.

Anyway, for this year only, the Browns should probably change the name of the Dawg Pound to the Underdawg Pound, and this guy should probably be their mascot.

Browns 2016 schedule with point spreads

Week 1: Browns (+7.5) at Eagles

Week 2: Ravens at Browns (+3)

Week 3: Browns (+7) at Dolphins

Week 4: Browns (+7.5) at Redskins

Week 5: Patriots at Browns (+7)

Week 6: Browns (+3.5) at Titans

Week 7: Browns (+11.5) at Bengals

Week 8: Jets at Browns (+5)

Week 9: Cowboys at Browns (+5)

Week 10: Browns (+8.5) at Ravens

Week 11: Steelers at Browns (+8.5)

Week 12: Giants (+3.5) at Browns

Week 13: BYE

Week 14: Bengals at Browns (+7.5)

Week 15: Browns (+9) at Bills

Week 16: Chargers at Browns (+2)

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You might not want to bet on the Browns this year. (USATSI)
You might not want to bet on the Browns this year. (USATSI)

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