The Cardinals limited preseason offense could lead to a longer learning curve during the regular season

The Arizona Cardinals are not giving away their playbook this preseason, and according to rookie quarterback Kyler Murray the offense has only been running "six or seven plays." 

It is no shock that a team would not give away their entire blueprint during the preseason, as Danny Kanell and Raja Bell have discussed in the past. "Game plans are very vanilla. You don't do a whole lot defensively or offensively," Kanell says on the general scheme of the preseason, but the numbers Murray and the Cardinals are putting up are a lot lower than expected. 

This lack of diversity in the play book may be an explanation as to why Arizona has been struggling during their past few games. "Six or Seven... No wonder they've looked awful," Kanell adds. Bell jokes that his son's football team runs five times the amount of plays that Murray claims his offense is focusing on. 

This approach is not random, and certainly not the first time anyone has done this in the NFL. The Cardinals' game plan of waiting it out to see if certain plays will be successful could work in their favor this season, or it could backfire. 

"They've looked bad because Kliff Kingsbury, and I think this is a smart move, doesn't want to show people what they're going to do," Kannel says on the Arizona head coach who is heading into his first year at the helm in the NFL.

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