There are weird ways of getting hurt and then there's what happened to Eagles kicker Caleb Sturgis, who missed Thursday's preseason game with a concussion he suffered in pregame warmups.

Making things more impossible to believe, Sturgis suffered the concussion when he was hit by an errant punt while warming up.

Shortly before the game, the Eagles officially ruled Sturgis out with a concussion.

It was confusing because he was, you know, warming up. And it's hard to get hurt when you're warming up, especially when the injury wasn't pre-existing.

But there Sturgis was, minding his own business, when a punt came flying in and whacked him in the head.

There's obviously nothing funny about a concussion for an NFL player (or for any human, really), but it's a remarkable way to get injured, especially for a kicker and especially in a preseason game.

Of course, this is a good lesson to always keep your helmet on during warmups.

As noted by McLane, this means Cody Parkey gets to kick, which is really bad news for Sturgis. The two are in a competition for the kicker position and a big night for Parkey (plus Sturgis being injured) really opens the door.