Well, it turns out Josh McDaniels isn't down to coach the Colts after all.

That was the news delivered on Tuesday night, just hours after the Patriots' offensive coordinator reportedly agreed to become Indianapolis' next head coach. McDaniels reportedly changed his mind after the Patriots sweetened their offer, but luckily the Colts waited to make the announcement official until pen was put to pa-- wait, what's that? They tweeted it out on social media? Oh no.


Well, it's just one tweet. Easy enough to del-- oh, you're kidding. They doubled down?


I suppose they can be glad they didn't make plans for a press-- OH COME ON, THIS IS RIDICULOUS!


(The team eventually deleted those tweets before posting an official statement on the matter.)

Well, it's certainly safe to assume that the internet was not going to let the Colts (or McDaniels) off the hook easy with this bit of wild news. You don't get brutally rejected at the last second (or showcase your cold feet) without an accompanying barrage of jokes on social media. You pretty much don't get anything without an accompanying barrage of jokes on social media anymore.

Who knows, maybe the Colts dodged a bullet by losing out on McDaniels. After all, his tenure in Denver didn't go so hot. Either way, it's going to be a hectic and frustrating few days for the Colts front office ... and their social media department.