When Allen Hurns collects the first paycheck from his newly signed $40 million contract extension, the first thing he's probably going to want to buy is some anti-itch cream, and he's probably going to want to buy a lot of it.

You see, Hurns has what might be the worst allergy possible for a professional football player: He's allergic to grass.

That's like Joey Chestnut being allergic to hot dogs.

Although Hurns is getting $20 million guaranteed in his new deal, which is a good thing, the trade-off is that he's likely going to be with the Jaguars until at least 2020. That's bad news because the Jaguars practice on grass and play every single one of their home games on grass.

This catch was probably an itchy one for Allen Hurns. USATSI

Hurns told ESPN.com this week that he tries to avoid his grass allergy during practice by wearing long sleeve shirts and tights. Obviously, wearing that type of clothing isn't ideal when in certain situations, like during training camp, when you have to be outside in the hot Florida sun.

The good news for Hurns is that his grass allergy isn't that bad: It doesn't affect his breathing and it doesn't clog up his nose. The big downside to the allergy is that his skin will sometimes breakout in a rash after rubbing against grass. The rashes can end up being itchy.

"It has its moments," Hurns said of the allergy, via ESPN.com. "Sometimes I break out. Sometimes I don't. At times it gets pretty aggravating, but for the most part it's been holding up good."

The good news for Hurns is that the allergy held up long enough over his first two seasons that the undrafted free agent was able to earn a huge contract extension.

Hurns racked up a total of 1,031 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2015.