The NFL is getting wild, adds dodgeball and other events to Pro Bowl week

The NFL really wants you to watch the Pro Bowl so the league has decided to add several skills challenges to Pro Bowl week.

In the week leading up to the game, the league will hold four different skills competitions that Pro Bowl players will participate in. The most notable one, which also happens to be the one I might actually watch, is dodgeball.

According to the league, AFC and NFC players will go at it in a rousing game of dodgeball. Three other events are also being added to Pro Bowl week: A power relay challenge, a precision passing challenge and a best hands challenge.

The power relay challenge will feature four Pro Bowl teammates going through an obstacle course. In the precision passing challenge, two players from each team will try to hit moving targets. Finally, in the best hands challenge, quarterbacks and receivers from each team will try to complete as many passes as possible in the time that's allotted.

The Pro Bowl Skills Showdown will take place in Orlando, Florida, and will be televised by ESPN on Jan. 26. The game itself, which will also be televised by ESPN, will he held on Jan. 29, 2017, in Orlando.

The Pro Bowl rosters are expected to be announced on Dec. 20 in a televised special that's set to air on NFL Network. Unfortunately, if you made a Pro Bowl mock draft, you're going to need to throw it away because there won't be a Pro Bowl draft.

For January's game, the league has decided to go back to the regular AFC vs. NFC format.

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