Roger Goodell made $34.1M in 2014. (USATSI)

For whatever reason a lot of people seem to really dislike Roger Goodell. So when the NFL commissioner's salary is revealed, there's an impressive amount of annual outrage over how much Goodell is pulling in.

How much did he make in 2014? Even more than he made in 2013! $34.1 million according to Darren Rovell of ESPN.

That's a lot of money. But it's relatively in line with what Goodell generally makes. 

Goodell's salary has been a thing for a while. In 2013 he made $35 million, which was less than he made in 2012 when his salary was $44.2 million.

People get all worked up about how much money Goodell makes but here's the bottom line: he runs a gigantic corporation that prints money and he's largely responsible for some of the printing. 

Is he overpaid? Sure. Anyone who makes more than $30 million is probably overpaid. But relative to what the NFL brings in and the happiness of its owners, Goodell is probably making a pretty reasonable sum of money.