The NFL has two new rules that could be a problem this year. First, there's the leading with the helmet tackling rule, which has players and fans alike up in arms. Then, there's the new stipulation that falls under roughing the passer, in which you can't stuff the quarterback, or land with your body weight on top of him. This stemmed from Aaron Rodgers missing nearly all of last season with a broken collarbone after a hit by Anthony Barr.

Through two games, the rule has already generated plenty of conversation. From the Vikings being called for roughing the passer on what looked like a textbook hit to players like Richard Sherman saying that the tackling rule defies tackling fundamentals, people don't care that it's the preseason: They're concerned that the NFL is going the way of flag football. The NFL's increasingly confusing efforts to clarify what's legal aren't really helping.

This is all very exciting news for the catch rule, as people turn their hatred to a new set of rules. Expect to hear "what's a tackle" at least once this year.

On Monday's "Off the Bench," Danny Kanell and Raja Bell talked about the new rules. They discussed the impact that these rules have on the game, and how much conversation they'll generate this season. It'll definitely rear its head when the first player gets ejected for what amounts to "targeting."

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