In 2015, two years before the Philadelphia Eagles would rewrite history and win their first Super Bowl, "Carson" was the 81st-most popular baby name in Pennsylvania. In other words, it wasn't that popular.

But a quick look at the U.S. Social Security database will tell you that the number of babies named Carson has absolutely skyrocketed since 2016, as NBC Sports Philadelphia reported Friday, jumping all the way to the 39th most popular name in 2017.

You can be the judge as to whether that has anything to do with Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, but ... you know what, there's no judgement to be made. The spike in babies named Carson definitely has something to do with the Carson of Wentzylvania, er, Pennsylvania.

In 2016, the year Wentz was drafted second overall and then proceeded to infuse hope into a city still longing for a franchise quarterback at the time, the total of Pennsylvania babies named Carson rose from 181 to 247. And in 2017, as Dave Zangaro noted, Wentz led an MVP-caliber season before suffering an injury prior to the Eagles' Super Bowl run, all while Pennsylvania saw its total of Carson babies jump to 301, surpassing the name "Chase" for the first time in a decade.

NBC Sports Philadelphia

Chase, of course, may have gotten its own boost from the Philadelphia Phillies' Chase Utley during the team's World Series appearances in 2008-2009, at one point becoming the ninth most popular name in the state, per Zangaro.

But with Wentz entering just his third season at the helm of the Eagles, there's a fair chance plenty more babies could get their names from Pennsylvania's star quarterback in the coming years.