It was obvious that Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown was probably going to get fined twice, from the Steelers and from the NFL, for posting on Facebook Live from Pittsburgh's locker room (perhaps you heard about this story, there was some chatter about it leading up to the AFC Championship Game against the Patriots).

We don't know about the punishment coming from the NFL yet, but we know how the Steelers handled it. According to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, Mike Tomlin announced a fine of $10,000 for Brown to the entire team during a meeting this week.

From Glazer's report on Fox Sunday:

Mike Tomlin got up in front of the entire team on Wednesday and said 'Guys I'm fining AB $10,000. Anybody have a problem with that? Anybody have something to say? No, fine. Let's move on. We have the Patriots.'

That's actually a lot lower than we would've expected, given how much attention the move by Brown generated.

Tomlin was extremely embarrassed by the incident, because he was the one who referred to the Patriots something that rhymes with "sass moles" and called Brown's decision to fire up FB live "foolish" and "selfish."

Brown has also apologized for the incident (and did so on Facebook no less!), but he probably doesn't care that much, because according to one report, he's making six figures from Facebook for using the service.

If that's the case, the $10,000 he had to cough up was probably worth the decision, although clearly the Steelers weren't thrilled with Brown broadcasting. Tomlin indirectly referenced Brown's next contract -- he has one more year left on his current deal -- when talking about things that cause players to "move on" to other teams.