No starting quarterback over the age of 40 has ever won a Super Bowl, but don't tell that to the oddsmakers in Las Vegas, because they clearly don't care. 

In their latest Super Bowl odds, the William Hill sportsbook in Nevada has listed the Patriots as a heavy favorite to win it all next season, despite the fact that Tom Brady will be 40 by the time his team kicks off the regular season in September. 

The odds released by William Hill this week are the first ones to come out since the NFL Draft ended back on April 29. 

The Patriots, who were originally listed as a 4-1 favorite to win it all when William Hill first released its odds in February, are now being given 3-1 odds. That's the best odds of any team. 

The latest odds take into account what each team did both in free agency and during the draft. 

So who's the biggest winner in William Hill's post-draft odds? That would be the Houston Texans

The Texans saw their odds drastically improve after they traded up to grab Deshaun Watson during the first round of the NFL Draft on April 27. The Texans, who opened at 40-1 to win Super Bowl LII, are now listed at 20-1. 

That's the largest jump that any team made in William Hill's latest odds. Basically, getting rid of Brock Osweiler and adding a quarterback who's not Brock Osweiler did wonders for the Texans' odds. The Browns should think about doing the same thing. 

Losing Brock Oseiler actually helped the Texans' Super Bowl odds.  USATSI

The Giants and Eagles were two other teams who saw their odds improve. As a matter of fact, the NFC East was one of just two divisions -- along with the AFC West -- where every team had an odds change over the past three months. 

In the NFC East, the Cowboys' odds got slightly worse (from 7-1 to 8-1), which probably had a lot to do with the fact that the Giants and Eagles both improved. Speaking of the Cowboys, a legendary Vegas oddsmaker explains why sportsbooks have the Cowboys' win total all wrong over at SportsLine.

Oddsmakers clearly loved the fact that Carson Wentz now has more weapons, because the Eagles went from 50-1 to 40-1. That was the second-best improvement by any team. 

In something that was somewhat of a surprise, the Giants saw their odds go from 25-1 to 18-1. That 18-to-1 listing makes the Giants one of the top eight favorites to win it all next season. 

By the way, since we're talking about New York, now seems like the time to bring up the Jets, who have turned into a laughingstock in Vegas. The oddsmakers clearly hated the Jets' draft, what they did in free agency and the fact they don't have a starting quarterback, because the Jets' odds tumbled. 

The Jets went from 75-1 in February to 200-1 as of this week. Not only did the Jets have the ugliest drop on William Hill's list, but they have the second-worst odds of any team (in news that probably won't surprise you, the Browns are the worst at 250-1). 

Oddsmakers don't seem to like the Jets' quarterback situation.  USATSI

The oddsmakers also had a good laugh at the Bears' expense. Following a draft where Chicago pulled off one of the most questionable trades in recent NFL history, the Bears' odds fell from 100-1 to 125-1. It appears that oddsmakers don't think the team has any hope in 2017 with Mike Glennon or Mitchell Trubisky. 

Anyway, the most popular team to bet on over the past three months has been the Raiders, who've pulled in 11 percent of the Super Bowl bets at William Hill. Packers and Cowboys fans have also been active, with seven percent of Super Bowl bets being placed on each of those two teams. 

The Patriots and Seahawks are next on the list, with each team getting six percent of all Super Bowl bets at William Hill. 

Although the Patriots haven't been the most popular team to bet on, they are pulling in the big bettors. Through three months, the Patriots have pulled in 23 percent of the money wagered at William Hill, which is the highest of any NFL team. 

Basically, the six percent of fans who have bet on the Patriots have bet 23 percent of the money, while the 11 percent of Raiders fans who have bet on Oakland have only bet nine percent of the money. Packers and Cowboys fans have also been betting big, with each team pulling in eight percent of the money on Super Bowl LII bets. 

You can see the Super Bowl odds for every team listed below. Super Bowl LII will kick off on Feb. 4, 2018, in Minneapolis. 

Super Bowl LII odds 

(via William Hill

  • Patriots: 3-1 (Opened: 4-1)
  • Raiders: 15-2 (Opened: 12-1)
  • Cowboys: 8-1 (Opened: 7-1)
  • Packers: 17-2 (Opened: 12-1)
  • Steelers: 12-1
  • Falcons: 12-1
  • Seahawks: 12-1
  • Giants: 18-1 (Opened: 25-1)
  • Texans: 20-1 (Opened: 40-1)
  • Broncos: 25-1 (Opened: 20-1)
  • Vikings: 25-1
  • Chiefs: 30-1 (Opened: 20-1)
  • Cardinals: 30-1 (Opened: 20-1)
  • Buccaneers: 30-1
  • Colts: 40-1 (Opened: 20-1)
  • Panthers: 40-1 (Opened: 20-1)
  • Ravens: 40-1 (Opened: 30-1)
  • Eagles: 40-1 (Opened: 50-1)
  • Dolphins: 40-1
  • Lions: 50-1
  • Titans: 50-1
  • Saints: 50-1
  • Redskins: 60-1 (Opened: 50-1)
  • Bengals: 60-1 (Opened: 50-1)
  • Bills: 100-1 (Opened: 50-1)
  • Chargers: 100-1 (Opened: 60-1)
  • Jaguars: 100-1
  • Rams: 125-1 (Opened: 100-1)
  • Bears: 125-1 (Opened: 100-1)
  • 49ers: 150-1
  • Jets: 200-1 (Opened: 75-1)
  • Browns: 250-1

Note: If a team didn't have a second number listed, that's because their odds haven't changed