The Oakland Raiders making a move and becoming the Las Vegas Raiders isn't something even remotely viable 10 years ago. Now it feels likely.

Mark Davis' franchise has the support of multiple owners, including two of the most powerful ones in Jerry Jones and Bob Kraft, and is willing to pony up money for the team to move. One little problem: they're going to need a lot of public funding.

According to Las Vegas mayor Carolyn Goodman, who recently came out and said she expects the Raiders to move, the city's "in the weeds" on figuring out funding right now.

"We're a little bit in the weeds right now talking about the numbers," Goodman said.

Translated: The city is going to need to figure out how to get $750 million in public funding in order to get the Raiders to move.

Davis already pledged $500 million to help build a stadium, and a recent promotional video only adds to the momentum for the Raiders to make the move.

The good news for the city and the team? The plan is to get the extra cash via a raise in the hotel taxes.

Which means you've basically got a bunch of blurry-eyed people coughing up a couple of extra bucks per room per bachelor(ette) party on Sunday and perhaps not even noticing the bump that brings the Raiders into town.

"Can we afford an increase to the room tax so the tourists still keep coming here?" Davis asked. "Those are the dollars we're talking about strictly for the stadium and the Raiders and this piece."

The timing is a little tricky, too. According to 3 News, the Vegas Raiders stadium would be ready by summer of 2020. For a team with no home trying to navigate difficult waters, that could be problematic.