These three teams shot down a chance to match Richard Sherman's deal with 49ers

Richard Sherman might have only visited with one team during his free agency tour, but that doesn't mean he didn't spend some time talking to other teams. 

As a matter of fact, Sherman was on the phone with multiple teams in the hours before he signed his three-year, $39 million contract with the 49ers on Saturday. Although Sherman liked the idea of playing in his home state of California, the free agent corner did reach out to three specific teams to see if they would be willing to match or beat the deal that the 49ers were offering. 

Remember, Sherman serves as his own agent, so he didn't have anyone talking to teams over the weekend while he was on his visit in San Francisco. Before signing his deal in San Francisco, Sherman told that he called the Raiders, Lions and Seahawks, who were all potentially interested in signing him, or re-signing him, in the case of the Seahawks. 

The situation in Seattle was actually kind of interesting and that's because the Seahawks general manager asked Sherman to give the team the right of first refusal on any offer that Sherman received, according to MMQB. Think about that: Not only did the Seahawks release him, but they had the audacity to say, "Hey, call us when you get an offer and give us a chance to match it, if we want."

Although it's not clear how Sherman felt about that, he stuck to his word and called Schneider to give him a chance to match the 49ers offer, but Schneider said no thanks. 

"Incentives [are] a little rich for me," Schneider said, via MMQB. 

Sherman also called Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie, but McKenzie said he "wasn't going to have the cap money to compete for him," according to MMQB. Finally, Sherman made a call to the Lions to give them a chance to match San Francisco's offer, but the Lions said the incentive package was too much for them. 

The three-year deal Sherman ended up signing is heavily based on incentives

Sherman will be getting a $3 million signing bonus, a $2 million roster bonus if he passes a physical by the first day of training camp and a $2 million base salary for 2018, but he's basically going to have to earn everything else after that. Sherman will be making $125,000 per week in 46-man roster bonuses, which means, if Sherman is on the active roster for all 16 games in 2018, he'll get a total of $2 million. 

You can see full details of the contract by clicking here

Anyway, after all three teams passed on him, Sherman signed his deal in San Francisco. 

The was even some jokes about Sherman's old team during the negotiation process. At one point, 49ers general manager John Lynch said the negotiations were on the one-yard line, which caused Sherman to have a flashback to Super Bowl XLVIII. 

If Sherman does feel jilted by the Seahawks, the good news for him is that he'll get to face them twice-a-year for the next three seasons if he plays out his deal with the 49ers. Sherman has already said he's looking forward to play the Seahawks, because, he's "vengeful" in that way. 

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