This dude Trevor Siemian is the only QB left on the Broncos roster

Peyton Manning retired. Brock Osweiler signed with the Texans. John Elway is a general manager. Gary Kubiak is a head coach. Tim Tebow is lip syncing. The only quarterback left on the Denver Broncos' roster is this dude named Trevor Siemian.

And then there was one. (USATSI)

The dude in the background of the Osweiler photo. Let's run through his NFL career so far:

  • Siemian was the 250th pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. (There were 256 picks made)
  • Peyton made fun of Siemian's hair ("a borderline mullet"), email address (, and attire (Peach Bowl gear, QB10 combine sweatshirt) during the preseason.
  • Siemian has one career rushing attempt for -1 yards. (He kneeled to end the first half during the Broncos' 27-20 loss to the Steelers in Week 15)
  • That's it.

OK. Not much to work on there. Let's take a look at his college accomplishments:

  • Threw for 5,931 yards and 27 touchdowns at Northwestern. Wow! That's really good. Way to go, Trevs.
  • Wait. Nope. Scratch that. That's the total for all four years at Northwestern. FYI: 27 touchdowns would've been tied for the second-lowest total for a single NFL season in Manning's career before 2015 happened. 

Let's not pile on Ole Trevs (that's his nickname now) here, though. It's not his fault the two guys ahead of him on the depth chart left within a week, and it's extremely unlikely that he'll actually enter the season atop the depth chart. The Broncos plucked him in the seventh round to presumably develop him as a backup option, and that's what he'll likely remain. Whether he's backing up a veteran free agent or trade acquisition, or someone they acquire in the draft, that's still the most likely path. For now, though, he's the only guy in town, so we figured you should know at least a bit about him.

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