This is the alternate universe where Brian Hoyer has outplayed Aaron Rodgers

It's been two years since Aaron Rodgers told all the worry worts to R-E-L-A-X but after a sluggish start to the 2016 season, questions remain about what exactly is wrong with the Packers quarterback.

How bad is it? Just look at this:

From 2008-2014, Rodgers' completion percentage ranged from 63.6-68.8 percent. Last season, it dipped to 60.7 percent, and through four games in 2016, it's 56.1 percent. For some perspective, Rodgers is looking up at the Rams' Case Keenum (57.9) and the Jets' Ryan Fitzpatrick (57.8). For what it's worth, Brian Hoyer's completion percentage is 71.4.

Since becoming a starter that's a career low for Rodgers, as is his 87.7 passer rating. And it's not just conventional stats that tell the story; he's has been replacement level this season, according to Football Outsiders, and ProFootballFocus ranks him last in deep passing and passing under pressure, where he's completing just 28 percent of his attempts.

So what's going on? Coach Mike McCarthy tries to explain:

"Completion percentage is really a complexion of all your components in your passing game," he said, via "To me, there's two ways to throw the football: you either drop back and throw it or you do it off the action game. So we're able to get into more action passes last week, created some more downfield throws. So you look at that and how it fits the run game this week.

"But at the end of the day, we're trying to play more players in the perimeter group. Last week was our first real attempt at that, so we'll see how this week shakes out with game-planning. But we need to spend a little more time on the passing game then we've had in the past, and we're doing that particularly in our meeting structure."

And while Rodgers hasn't suddenly morphed into a terrible passer, he does take responsibility for the offense's lack of production.

"You catch the ball, you throw it a little more accurately and don't throw it away as much," he said. "Maybe I should start taking some more sacks. No, you know what? I've got to be more accurate, and I will. We've got to make the most of the opportunities on 50-50 balls and the balls we should catch and complete."

Next up: Rodgers and the Packers' 14th-ranked passing attack faces the Cowboys' 25th-ranked pass defense. It's not quite immovable force meets unstoppable object, but it's close.

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