This is the number of snaps Odell Beckham wants to play during the 2018 preseason

Star New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was limited to just four games last season. Beckham got hurt during the preseason, missed the team's season-opener against the Cowboys, returned to play the next four games, and then had his season ended by a fractured left ankle he suffered against the Los Angeles Chargers

Beckham is rehabbing to make his way back from that injury, which necessitated surgery. One might think that he'd need to get some game action in before the start of next season in order to get back in the rhythm of things, but judging by his Twitter account, that's not what Beckham wants. 

Beckham doesn't want to play next preseason at all. 

Considering the injury risk to players during preseason games and the limited benefit they get from being on the field, it's not exactly a surprise that Beckham would rather not take the field during the practice games. He'll have plenty of opportunities to work against NFL-caliber players during mini-camp and training camp, and frankly, the Giants can't afford to lose him like they did last year. Their offense already had enough problems moving the ball with Beckham on the field; having him go down once again in a meaningless game would just be a waste. 

Teams like the Patriots have kept star players with injury histories off the field for preseason games in the past (see: Gronkowski, Rob) and it has worked out fairly well for them. If the Giants want to keep Beckham happy, one way to do that (other than giving him a new contract) would be to acquiesce to his wishes not to play in preseason. Especially if Eli Manning returns to start at quarterback, it's really just not necessary for Beckham to be out there. 

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