This Marcus Peters touchdown celebration against Raiders reportedly cost him $13K in fines

Celebration is fun, but celebration can be expensive if you decide to push the envelope and get a little aggressive with how you celebrate, which is what Marcus Peters decided to do when he grabbed his crotch and dove backwards into the end zone in a game-sealing pick six against the Raiders on Monday night.

Memories are priceless, but this dive in particular cost Peters $13,000, according to a report from Jordan Schultz of Yahoo! Sports.

The Rams were likely winning the game already when Peters made the play. He decided to put a cherry on top.

There was at least some question as to whether or not Peters was mocking Oakland or potentially mocking Marshawn Lynch with his celebration -- Lynch's move for years has been to turn around backwards and dive into the end zone while gripping his privates. It has cost him plenty of cash over the years, with Lynch notably getting docked $11,050 back in 2014.

Peters announced after the game that he was in fact paying homage to Lynch, who is one of his close friends.

"I did the Beast Mode," Peters said after the game. "That's what I did."

Lynch and Peters are both from Oakland and have shown in recent years they are very close. Lynch got tossed out of a game against the Chiefs last year for touching an official, while running on the field to stop Peters from engaging in some kind of shenanigans. After the game (a tight matchup won by Oakland), the two rode home on the train together. Peters would later serve as a character witness for Lynch during his hearing on a suspension for touching the ref.

No amount of love for Lynch is going to change the NFL's stance on how much it costs for a Beast Mode crotch grab, however. The NFL fine schedule calls for a $13,369 for unsportsmanlike conduct. And you can bet there won't be any kind of appeal for a display this obvious.

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