This Packers' WR got arrested for making bomb jokes at an airport security line

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Green Bay Packers wide receiver Trevor Davis (11) made a very big mistake at an airport. USATSI

Packers wide receiver Trevor Davis clearly never watched "Meet the Parents," because he decided over the weekend it would be a good idea to make a joke about packing explosives into his bags while standing in an airport security line and got arrested.

According to TMZ, the former fifth-round pick was heading to Hawaii out of LAX in Los Angeles and went to the Hawaiian Airlines counter, where he was asked some pretty standard security-related questions about the contents of his checked luggage.

At that point in time, he turned to his female traveling companion and jokingly asked, "Did you remember to pack the explosives?" 

His companion apparently replied "Yes" -- she was playing along with the joke, ha ha, ha ha -- and the Hawaiian Airlines worker did what any airline worker would do in this situation. She called security. 

The good news is that he was arrested, booked and then released.

This is bananas, because it's straight out of the "Meet the Parents" script, with Ben Stiller saying "bomb" a bunch of times at an airport and then getting arrested. "You can't say bomb at an airport, Focker." 

(Some salty language in the YouTube video link below.)

Unfortunately for Davis, he didn't have a future father-in-law who with connections to the CIA. 

Fortunately for Davis, that's probably the last time he ever jokes about explosives or bombs while traveling. 

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