This tweet from Pete Carroll made Seahawks fans think a Khalil Mack trade was happening

With less than 10 days to go until the start of the NFL regular season, it's starting to look like Khalil Mack won't be on the field for the Raiders in Week 1. 

Not only are contract negotiations at a stalemate, but things have apparently gotten so contentious between the two sides that there's been some chatter that the Raiders might be open to trading Mack before the start of the season. 

Although the Raiders probably won't end up trading their star player, don't tell that to Seahawks fans, who became convinced that a deal might be going down this week after seeing a tweet from Pete Carroll. 

The Seahawks coach decided to tweet out a "song of the day" on Tuesday and that song just happened to be "Return of the Mack" by Mark Morrison. 

After seeing the tweet, Seahawks fans immediately took it to mean that the Seahawks were about to pull off the trade of the year. 

If any other coach had tweeted out a random song, the fan base probably wouldn't have thought much of it, but this is Pete Carroll we're talking about and he loves to play games on Twitter. I mean, this is the same coach who spent half his day during the NFL Draft tweeting out clues about who the Seahawks will eventually be selecting. 

Oh, and Carroll's tweet wasn't the only thing causing confusion. At some point over the past month, Mack decided to follow Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner on Twitter, who happens to be the most recent person that Mack has followed on the social media site. 

Basically, we can either take all of this to mean that the Seahawks are about to pull off the trade of the century or we can take it to mean that Mack and Carroll are just really excited about the fact that the Raiders and Seahawks are playing each other in the preseason on Thursday. 

It's also possible that Carroll's tweet means nothing except that he likes Mark Morrison's 1996 hit, which is completely plausible.  

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