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If you want to know just how crazy the NFC has been over the past couple of weeks, all you have to do is look at the standings in the conference since the start of the month. There are only two NFC teams with zero losses in November and one of them is the DETROIT LIONS.

That stat pretty much represents the NFL in a nutshell this year. The Lions have literally won zero games all season, but they still somehow have a better record than 14 other NFC teams this month.  

Here's a quick look at each NFC team's November record this season: 

1. Washington (1-0)
2. Detroit (0-0-1)
T-3. 49ers (1-1)
T-3. Cardinals (1-1)
T-3. Packers (1-1)
T-3. Vikings (1-1)
T-3. Panthers (1-1)
T-3. Falcons (1-1)
T-3. Eagles (1-1)
T-3. Giants (1-1)
T-3. Cowboys (1-1)
T-12. Buccaneers (0-1)
T-12. Bears (0-1)
T-12. Seahawks (0-1)
T-15. Saints (0-2)
T-15. Rams (0-2)

All this losing by the NFC in November has turned the playoff race upside down. Going into Week 11, a total of 15 teams in the NFC are within 1.5 games of a playoff spot. The only team not within 1.5 games is the Lions, who haven't moved up at all in the standings despite their unbeaten November. 

Despite having the second-best November record, the Lions could still be eliminated from division title contention this week. If the Packers beat the Vikings, the Lions will be out of the NFC North race even if they win (or tie) against the Browns on Sunday. 

Besides the Lions having zero losses this month, there are a few other crazy things that have happened in November. For one, the Rams and Buccaneers have combined to lose as many games through the first two weeks of the month (0-3) as they combined to lose through the first two months of the season (13-3). Also, the Seahawks have yet to score a single point during the month. 

The NFC is so wild that the current top team (Green Bay) doesn't even control its fate for the No. 1 overall seed. The only team that currently controls its fate for the top seed is the Cowboys. If they win out, they get the first-round bye in the NFC

If the NFC is as crazy down the stretch as it's been so far in November, then it's going to be impossible to predict who's going to make the playoffs. If this month has proven one thing, it's that anyone can beat anyone. 

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