Vince Lombardi's $0.58 West Point sweater. (Getty Images)
Vince Lombardi's $0.58 West Point sweater. (Getty Images)

The couple who paid 58 cents at a thrift store for a West Point sweater had no idea it once belonged to legendary Packers coach Vince Lombardi.

Turns out, it did. And on Saturday, that sweater sold in an auction in New York City for $43,020, according to Press-Gazette Media.

Only after watching a documentary on Lombardi did the lucky couple, Sean and Rikki McEvoy, take a closer look at their purchase and noticed a name tag.

"I didn't see the Lombardi tag when we walked out with it or I might have made a connection," McEvoy told "My wife saw it but she didn't know who that could be."

One thing led to another and Heritage Auctions in Dallas confirmed the sweater's authenticity.

"They examined the types of fabric that are used on the sweater the different types of stitching," Heritage consignment director Chris Nerat said earlier this year. "I think that it could easily hit the $20,000 range."

Double that.

"It's kind of hard to fathom spending that kind of money on a sweater, but these are the times we live in," Lombardi's son, Vince Lombardi Jr., told the Asheville Citizen-Times last week. "Whoever gets it I hope treasures it."